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Dm, Director, Co Editor.


        Ellinthris is an artist. Be it Graphic design, Tattoos, Set design, Character art, or Fictional Cartography she has always tried to learn new ways of bringing her ideas into a visual space. She has been running tabletop games for 15 years; she started playing D&D 3.5 as her first Tabletop Role Playing Game and she hasn’t stopped since. She has played many different systems of TTRPGs, even made a few of her own, but she always comes back to D&D. Something about D&D makes it easily accessible to new players and veteran players alike.

        The mask she wears was originally created for an event called “Wasteland Weekend” where as an attendee she wanted to portray a “Faceless” character. However she was so amused and pleasantly surprised by how the event went that she decided to keep up the Faceless aesthetic outside the event. She even feels that the mask's Features are more “who she is”, then her own. In her words, “It’s not often you get to choose your own face, and I prefer the one I’ve made for myself.”

       She started ClockTower several years ago as her own answer to an ever fluctuating player group, She needed a way to make it so people could drop in or out whenever they needed to. Much to her surprise ClockTower’s eldritch aesthetic and ominous story made it a hit with her players. She has always been inspired by dark, gloomy settings, and weird fiction/ Horror like atmospheres. As well as light hearted and determined characters who strive to do the right thing, and never give up. These Inspirations have greatly influenced her storytelling as a whole and ClockTower itself. 

      She believes Books, Spoken stories, Movies, games, Tv- anything that conveys a story to be incredibly important. At a young age, Her mother, And sometimes even her dad,  would read books to her and her sister as they went to sleep. Her mother would do her best to use different voices for each of the characters and narration. Stories have always been a portal to another world for Ellinthris, just as they were for her mom. It is because of this that she dedicates ClockTower to her mom and hopes that ClockTower will inspire people, even a single person to tell their own stories. If it can do that, she's already succeeded.

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