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The Gray City

The Agents earned this Trophy by Surviving the light in GrayCity long enough to find this globe.

The light in the gray city was some kind of semi sentient entity that consumes all the life touched by its light, assimilating that life into itself. The battle of this mission was more of a personal struggle as Raegan and Sam tried to understand the light and what benefits it might have provided to them. As Rok and Yeager rushed to complete their mission, not wanting to experience the discomfort of having their sense of self ripped away from them and the suffering that comes with it. The Globe was found deep in the ruins of the city. Locked within a Safe. Upon unlocking the safe and holding the Globe it appeared to be a physical manifestation of the world itself, and its universe's place in reality. Perhaps not realizing the gravity of the situation, or seeing another choice. Rok Crushes the Globe, ending their mission.

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