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Parker "Whose"

Producer, Editor, Actor "Rok".


           Parker, also known as Whose, is a sound engineer & producer by trade, a voice actor by necessity, and a lovable idiot always. Working in the field of audio for more than 5 years, since a young age he has aggressively subscribed to the mentality of, “lock yourself in a room making 5 beats a day for 3 summers”. Inspired by producers such as Black Milk & EL-P, Whose mixes rich, lush synthesizers with a flair for abstract drum rhythms. In regards to the music of ClockTower, he has had to adapt to whatever idea or concept Ellinthris throws his way, and has succeeded with flying colors. Whose pushes through each day with the everpresent mantra of,  “we will make it work”. Whether it’s a medieval town in panic from an eldritch behemoth, a space station on lockdown due to a hostage situation, or a world where all life has seemingly been swiped away; Whose provides a soundtrack that always pushes the narrative forward. 

         Parker, is relatively new to the wide and vast world of

table top role playing games. Prior to meeting the main cast of ClockTower, the only concepts he had any firm grasp on were that you rolled dice to determine outcomes of situations. However, what he lacked in technical knowledge, he more than made up for in charisma and improvisation. Being welcomed into the group with open arms, and with their help and advice,  Parker began to be a better player within the realms of TTRPGs. For the most part the group has witnessed him improve, and have kept him around as a loveable face and trustworthy worker but also a beloved friend. Rok, for all intents and purposes, is Parker’s best character to date. 

          Whose gives his all into ClockTower, along with the tireless hours of work that comes with it. From the dead air passes, to writing the music, and finally crafting the fx and sound design that has become a staple of the series; it is just as much of a grind as it sounds like. However, he wouldn't trade it for the world, as ClockTower is just as much his baby, as it is Ellinthris’s. He firmly, truly believes in this project, and knows that with enough consistency, enough creativity, and enough perseverance, they'll get more than just the job done. They’ll be the artists they have dreamed of becoming, and then some.

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