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The ClockTower


        The Clock Tower is a metaphysical watcher that rules over the very concept of order. Cold, analytical, and powerful, Its true purposes are beyond any mortal’s understanding. This mysterious entity also acts as a sort of home to It's Agents. It's large circular room acts as a sort of cosmic base unique to each Agent.

         In the center of the room is a massive hourglass that holds entire worlds as grains of sand. The back side of an enormous Clock Tower face can be seen taking up the back wall. Above the room is a system of clockwork and gears that go on for eternity. Also contained within this singular room is a small section of bookshelves, a wardrobe, a wall dedicated to the Agent's many trophies, a sitting area made of a chair and a large couch for Agents to rest at, and the mirror that acts as a gateway to their next mission.

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