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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clocktower?

     ClockTower is a thrilling audio drama that combines the excitement of D&D gameplay with the immersive storytelling of weird fiction and adventure fantasy!


What inspired the creation of Clocktower?

      Some key elements of ClockTower are taken almost 1 for 1 out of a recurring nightmare Ellinthris had as a child. She also draws inspiration for the themes, worlds, and characters in ClockTower from a wide range of media she has experienced throughout her life. From adventure games like Kingdom Hearts to horror games like Bloodborne, and from movies like Indiana Jones to Aliens, she believes that the best adventures take you to strange places, force you to confront terrifying monsters, and challenge you to make difficult choices.

When did Clocktower start?

     Clocktower started in 2019 as a pick up campaign designed to have a consistent D&D campaign with an inconsistent player base. The players loved the world-hopping aspect and the video game style reset mechanic so much that when the question arose of which campaign to turn into a D&D podcast, the players all said it should be ClockTower.


How can I listen to Clocktower?

     You can listen to Clocktower on various podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and most places where podcasts are found. You can even listen to episodes right here on our website!


How often are new episodes of Clocktower released?

     New episodes of Clocktower are released on a bi-weekly basis but you can listen to each episode a week early by subscribing to our Patreon. Our post show, Clocking those Towers, is posted to our Patreon directly after each episode's release, and our side story content is posted to our Patreon once a month. 


Is there a recommended listening order for the episodes of Clocktower?

     Yes, we recommend that you listen to the episodes in chronological order. However, like most podcasts, we understand that the production value of our earlier episodes may not be up to our own standards now - so if you're finding it difficult to listen to we advise that you listen to the “Through the mirror recap” and then start on our second arc, “Grey City”.


Are there any trigger warnings for Clocktower?

     Yes, there are several trigger warnings for Clocktower, including violence, death, gore, as well as general themes of horror and suspense that might be unnerving to some listeners. Please put your own mental health before our show!


Who are the main characters in Clocktower?

     The main cast from season 1 and season 2 include Reagan, Rok, Sam, Yeager, Trinket and Barrett. All ClockTower agents, each having found their way to the ClockTower at the end of their own path. 


Are there any plans for spin-offs or other related content?

     We are releasing side story content on our Patreon, look for the Patreon tiers that include “Side Stories” and subscribe to the tier that fits your budget to experience them yourself. 


Are there any plans to adapt Clocktower into other forms of media, like a graphic novel or TV show?

     We are currently in the process of animating the first season in house. This is largely being done by Ellinthris with the support of the ClockTower family. 


Why are the character designs used considered "Semi Cannon"?

     The ClockTower Cast and crew believes that everyone's visions of the ClockTower and it's characters are just as valid as the ones we envision. We do not want anyone to ever be deterred or discouraged from drawing, cosplaying, or relating to our characters in any way.


Can I use elements of Clocktower in my own Dungeons & Dragons campaign?

     Yes, you can use elements of Clocktower in your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign. We just ask that if you post about said elements, or have a public show of your own, credit our influence so that we might be able to reach and inspire more people!


How can I get involved in the Clocktower community?

     You can get involved in the Clocktower community by joining our Discord server and following us on social media.


Can I support the production of Clocktower financially?

     Yes, you can support the production of Clocktower financially by becoming a patron on our Patreon page.


How can I contact the creators of Clocktower?

     You can contact the creators of Clocktower through our website's Contact Us section. 


What kind of equipment and software is used to produce Clocktower?

     ClockTower is recorded using 5 AKG 420 Condenser Microphones, with mic stands and pop filters all routed through XLR into a Scarlett 18i20 interface, which is then imported into Ableton Live 10, using a Windows desktop computer.


How much is edited out of the show?

     There is some editing done to the show for pacing and clarity, but the majority of the content is kept in. For example we usually set a timer for 45 minutes and pause the timer when long sections of silence arise from us looking up rules, stats or taking small breaks. That “dead air” is then removed by our editing team (currently Cal). The rest you hear in the episode!


Can I listen to the raw recording anywhere?

     We work very hard to make sure the version of ClockTower you experience is what we as the cast and crew wanted it to be, so we won't be releasing raw audio. 


How are the music and sound effects for Clocktower created?

     All music for Season 1 of ClockTower was created by Whose Music using Ableton Live. Much of that music is reused in Season 2.  Most of the VSTs used to mix ClockTower are stock Ableton Live Suite effects. Some sound effects are just noises Ellinthris makes, then that audio is warped slightly and thrown into the background as an sound effect. 


What Equipment is used to Create the Art for ClockTower?

      Most of the Art for the ClockTower is Created using Photoshop, On a Puget Systems After Effects PC and a Wacom Cintiq pro 24''

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