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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did ClockTower Start?

A: The first ClockTower session was an impromptu online session. Several years ago a lot of Ellinthris’ friends were starting to get more hours at their jobs, work on various projects, or just lived too far away to play in person.

Q: Where did the idea for the ClockTower come from?

A:  Clock Tower was based around several inspirations, the most prominent being a recurring nightmare Ellinthris had as a child, And the idea of a test determining a players characters. Since then ClockTower has grown, and been played many times before this production.

Q: What Equipment is used to record and produce ClockTower?

A:  ClockTower is recorded using 5 AKG 420 Condensor Microphones, with mic stands and pop filters all routed through XLR into a Scarlett 18i20 interface, which is then imported into Ableton Live 10, using a Mac desktop computer. (Fun fact: most of the VST's used to mix ClockTower, are stock Ableton Live Suite effects. You don't need alot to mine gold, just a pickaxe and willpower.)

Q: What Equipment is used to Create the Art for ClockTower?

A: Most of the Art for the ClockTower is Created using Photoshop, On a Puget Systems After Effects PC and a Wacom Cintiq pro 24''

Q: Is ClockTower Inclusive? 

A: Yes. ClockTower is created by a diverse cast, and aims to inspire all people. Giving them a world they feel they can be a part of. Black Lives Matter, Trans* Lives Matter, Black Trans*Lives matter. 

Q: Why are the character designs used considered "Semi Cannon"?

A: The ClockTower Cast and crew believes that everyone's visions of the ClockTower and it's characters are just as valid as the ones we envision.

We do not want anyone to ever be detered or discouraged from drawing, cosplaying, or relating to our characters in anyway.

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