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Behind the


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Get to know the talented players behind the iconic characters of show. Meet Bink, Cal, Darbii, Kball, Trent,  Parker, and Elli the Dm - the group of creative and dedicated individuals who bring our thrilling adventures to life.


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Step into the world of ClockTower and meet the main cast of characters - Reagan, Yeager, Sam, Rok, Trinket, and Barret. Explore semi-canon depictions of each character and discover what makes them tick. From Reagan's cunning wit to Rok's fierce determination, each character brings a unique personality to the story. Get to know them better and immerse yourself in the world of ClockTower.


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Discover the enigmatic Clocktower with its eerie healing couch, giant hourglass, and otherworldly mirror that leads to far-off lands. Wander among the relics of past adventures on the trophy shelf, all while basking in the faint blue light of the pulsing clock face. The Clocktower is the Agents' home, and it holds secrets beyond your wildest imagination. Take a tour now and uncover the mysteries that lie within its walls.

Tour the ClockTower

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Looking for answers? Check out our FAQ section! Whether you have questions about the show or the world it takes place in, we've got you covered. While the owl may not be the friendliest guide, we're here to make sure you have all the information you need to fully explore the Clocktower universe and it’s production.




Check out our Extras page! Here you'll find  production art, character concept designs, and notes on characters that didn't quite make it into the final cut. Whether you're a fan of the main characters or the lesser-known side characters, there's something for everyone on this page. So come on in, take a look around, and discover even more about the world of Clocktower.

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