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Space Station ll02

The Agents earned this trophy by claiming the gun of an apparently crazed man. They found him, after a long time of searching, holding hostages on Space Station ll02. They began their interaction with this man by shooting him. Yeager caught a kind of recognition in his eyes as they saw each other, and chose not to hesitate. Critically wounded the man continued to put up one hell of a fight. Effortlessly tossing rock into a wall and managing to hit most of his targets, even with a damaged shooting arm. Ultimately he shot the blast shield and launched them all out into space. The agents did much better on their second attempt. Trying to reason with him, as well as asking how he knows who they are. Unfortunately The man wasn’t interested in talking, and he had damaged Rok’s pride. Rok ends his life by stabbing him through the back with his great sword. Finally Rok picked up his gun, Ending their mission.

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